Websites I enjoy

These are some websites that I really enjoy. And I like to share things that I enjoy! I am not affiliated with any of them, nor do I work for any of them. I just find them useful, or entertaining, or interesting. Please feel free to have a look at any of them.

Useful Information: This is the brand I use for most of my carrier oils and some essential oils. This website is full of great info, recipes, DIY, etc. I find a lot of great info on this site, they write up a description of every herb and oil that they carry in great detail. Unfortunately their shipping options to Canada suck, they are expensive and for some reason do not ship certain things to Canada, so I really only use it as informational. However if you live in the States, this site is probably great for ordering supplies from. My local Community Farm Store – I love it, great info, great products, and great people. This lady has some truly awesome recipes and ideas for gluten free as well as dairy and egg free. Just fantastic! I am not sure what to call this website. It is kind of like a self help book, and inspiration, wrapped into one. Check it out, you won`t regret it. For the business part of me A fabulous DIY-er who is talented and creative. Lots of ideas and projects. This lady is a great blogger for minimalist lifestyle, natural beauty, etc.

Entertaining: Really thought provoking articles sometimes, lots of funny writers here, always something good to read. I love the It Happened To Me Section.

Clothes, Shoes, and other great things to buy, or window-shop! I love love love the stuff on this site! It is my guilty pleasure! I have a wishlist of about 50 items that I am saving up to buy. They have retro and vintage style clothing, among other things.



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