Hobbies and Interests

Some of my hobbies and interests, which will inevitably be written about on this lovely blog.
-going for long drives in the countryside
-walking the doggies (so fortunate to have several great parks and access to the great outdoors all around me)
-sometimes baking but I have less patience for that
-talking. about anything.
-watching good movies
-crafting/DIY projects
-riding my dirtbike – Honda CRF230, a big 4 stroke which I lovingly refer to as “The Red Pony”
-4×4 adventures, we have a Suzuki Samurai, jacked up with 33′ tires and long wheel base, VW turbo diesel engine, straight stack exhaust, and LOTS of other goodies, as well as a Suzuki Sidekick in progress.
-hiking mildly (I have a very bad back and hips due to some past injuries so most things that require me to be on my feet for long periods of time don’t go over so well)
-natural remedies and similar
-dogs, in general
-trying to get into gardening, look out for posts after Christmas 2012 of my new Indoor Herb Garden DIY as well as updates on my precious garlic plants in my front yard. I love garlic. So tasty and so good for you.
-reading, reading, reading, I love thought-provoking content.
-tattoos, I have 3 small – to – medium sized tattoos, however 2 are going to receive some major work in the new year and I will be posting more about that as it happens.
-product reviews – I am a product junkie, however I really only like to try new products that fit the criteria or being earth-friendly, natural, free from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, and fit my general views and lifestyle, so please be aware of that if you request a product review or send me samples.
-honesty and truth
-the ocean, my mistress, I adore her and fear her at the same time
-being self sufficient

oh, and of course, chocolate. chocolate. chocolate.
and love.



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