About Karly

I am essentially a small town girl, 23 years old and living in a semi-rural, somewhat hippy-ish, definitely redneck, small town on BEAUTIFUL Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
This is my blog – welcome.
I write about anything I see fit – new ideas are always welcome, feel free to leave them in the comments section anytime.
Some of my favorite things to write about include DIY’s, natural beauty/personal care products, home-made cleaning supplies, home made beauty supplies, companies that I love, FOOD, recipes, tutorials… The list goes on.
A little more about me – I am a vibrant young woman, enjoying trying to live a simpler life (no cable, home made things as much as I possibly can, natural, organic, nature-loving.) I live in a cute 2 bedroom house on 1/2 an acre with the love of my life, we’ll call him “L”, and my two beloved fur-babies, a beagle named BeagleJuice (I know, right?) and a Pomeranian/Japanese chin cross named Wicked. No kids yet, but they are in the distant future for us. I am college-educated primarily in the Western health care field at this point with some other additions of English, Psychology, and Business. My true passion, however, is to pursue and education and have my own practice in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbology/herbal remedies, and naturopathy. Currently waiting – fingers crossed – to hear if my application has been accepted for May 2013 to a prestigious program at a private college in the above mentioned fields.

To all my readers: thank you for stopping by, I am always interested to hear what you have to say, like I said leave any comments, questions, ideas, suggestions, requests, etc in the comments section and I will get back to them as quickly as I can!

Namaste ❤



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