These are my two ultimate favorite products, of all time. And that’s certainly saying something, considering that I am a product junkie and I expect the best, and don’t settle for less. That is why I try out so many different products, because if I am not satisfied with one, it is on to the next. There are not many that make the cut. But these are 2 of my ultimate must-haves.

1. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector 100 mls for $20 (I would like to note that I have never actually paid $20 per tube of this – it goes on sale VERY often as it is so popular, and usually you can get it for $10-$15. When it goes on sale for $10 I usually buy 2 or 3 to last me)

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Now this product is called a hand protector, and says it is for dry- to – very dry skin. I would call it a thick hand cream, and I would say it is for any skin type. I work in health care, which requires me to wash my hands VERY often, with cheap harsh soap provided by the companies I work for. This wreaks havoc on my sensitive delicate skin, making my hands crack, cuticles peel, and nails split all from being so dry and rough. It’s awful, and it honestly makes it hard to use my hands sometimes, especially in winter. This hemp hand protector is truly a life saver, and let me tell you, I have tried dozens, probably actually at least a hundred different hand creams, cheap to ridiculously expensive, and none come close to how amazing this stuff is. When you squeeze a little onto your hands (and yes I really do mean a little, we are talking less than a dime sized amount) you can see how thick it is coming out of the tube, almost like butter. Also, fun fact, it is bright green! When you rub it in you notice it has a very light hemp scent. Some people dislike the smell of hemp – I urge you to GET OVER IT in this case because 1. the cream works so well that it could smell like poop and I’d probably still use it and 2. the scent actually fades almost immediately. Within half an hour you cannot smell it at all. I find also that even with my very sensitive skin, this causes absolutely no irritation, which is again unusual for me. I really cannot say enough about this product, and I think that everyone who works in health care, food service, works outdoors, even just enjoys gardening etc. should really give it a try. It comes in a smaller “travel” size tube as well, 30 mls for $10 (again this goes on sale every time the larger tubes do so if you don’t want to spend much to try it out, wait for a sale, or better yet, just go to a Body Shop store and use one of their sample tubes!) I also feel the need to mention that there is a whole bunch of other Hemp products from the Body Shop that I would really like to try, next time I have some extra money to spend on my self I am going to pick up a few more items once a sale hits. Stay tuned for reviews on all of those too! 🙂

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5. Only because the smell is a bit off. But totally worth it and it goes away very quickly.

2. EOS Lip Balms!!! (Fun fact – EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth”)
These lip balms are 100% natural and 95% organic. They are made of great ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Some offer SPF as well. Some other things I like are the fact that they are free of gluten, parabens, and petrolatum.
They come in a wide variety of flavors, such as strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, sweet mint, and honeysuckle honeydew.
The stores in my area have a limited selection, so I have only had the pleasure of trying out the Summer Fruit and Honeysuckle Honeydew flavors. Both of them are absolutely fantastic. There is nothing fake about these lip balms, and you can tell that right away. They smell delicious, like actual real fruit not artificial scent, and they glide on your lips so smooth, with no waxy feeling or flaky lips left behind. These leave your lips so soft and smooth. I have seen prices ranging from about $2.50 each on sale to about $4.50 each regular price, and anywhere in between, depending where you buy. Average about $3.50 each. I find it is totally worth the price, and again these are items I stock up on whenever I see a sale happening, because I know I am never NOT going to need them! I have been using the Honeysuckle Honeydew one at work 5 days/week for the last 2 months and have barey made a dent in it. The only downside I’d say, is the shape, doesn’t really fit into a pocket very well. I don’t carry a purse, so that’s a bit of a bother for me. But I leave one in my car, one on my bathroom shelf, and one at my station at work, so that I never have to go far without it! I’d really like to see them make a few that are tinted, as I do like a bit of pink or red on my lips from time to time.

Overall rating out of 5 stars: 5!