“Black Vanilla” Line – $46 for a trio pack of Shampoo 8 oz, Conditioner 8 oz, and a”Hair Pudding” (some type of deep conditioning product) – all VERY SMALL bottles.


“Hair Milk” Line – Co -Wash – 1 bottle – $18 for 8.5 oz. (VERY SMALL bottle)Image

All photos taken from Carol’s Daughter website and belong to them.

I was drawn to these products because they are paraben and sulphate free, and seem to be a sort of cult favorite. These products to the best of my knowledge originated in the USA for African women’s hair, and have evolved to include many different products for different hair types. My hair is Caucasian (British/Scottish) light reddish brown, fine, oily roots, dry ends. So overall this may not have been the right product pairing for me, but from reading the reviews and ingredients etc. I decided to give them a try because they made many many promises of lovely, shiny, smooth, manageable hair.


I was sorely disappointed in every. single. item.

First of all, their shipping cost did not include the cost of duty etc. into Canada from the States, resulting in my order costing me an extra $19 on top of an already hefty bill for the products, taxes, and shipping. Their shipper was useless, couldn’t find my house, created no end of hassles for me, and delayed my getting the package for almost a full week later than I should have. So we are not starting out on a good foot here from a consumer’s perspective.

When I finally got the package, I opened it with delight, and was let down yet again – these bottles are TINY people. Like take any drugstore brand bottle of shampoo/conditioner, and this was about half, or a third, of the size. FOR LIKE $18/BOTTLE? This better be liquid gold! As such ‘I had high expectations for these products to work wonders and be fully worth the cost. I mean they had to be? Right?

I opened the bottles, excited to see what the deliciously named “Black Vanilla” would smell like. They should have named it “cheap dollar store coconut”. It doesn’t smell like vanilla at all. In fact it reeks of cheap false coconut scent. At least it was mild enough that I figured the smell would rinse out and not last in my hair. The Co Wash was even worse… The only way I can describe it is a mixture of the smell of old grannies and baby powder. And extremely strong. I almost choked on the smell. 

Nonetheless, I decided that for all I had spent in time and money on these products, that I should definitely give them a try. 

I will outline them each one by one:

“Black Vanilla Shampoo” – did not clean my hair. Left my roots oily. Left my hair smelling less-than-clean, like I had slept on greasy hair over night, even after freshly washing. It did however give me a little more shine to my hair and softness. 

“Black Vanilla Conditioner” – very mild conditioner. Didn’t even begin to tame frizz what so ever. Little to no slip. Left a bit of shine and softness.

“Black Vanilla Hair Pudding” – I literally noticed NO difference in my hair after using this.

“Hair Milk Co Wash” – reeked, left my hair greasy and ends dry, in fact I would say it left my hair in worse condition than it was before I co-washed with this. It was more greasy at the roots and more dry at the lengths/ends. So essentially this was stinky and useless.

Overall rating out of 5 stars: 1.


Slightly softer hair, slightly more shine, gentle, no harsh ingredients or chemicals.


awful scents, did not clean hair, did not leave hair more manageable, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, small size bottles, shipper was awful, customer service responses slow, taxes/duty/shipping WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

The bottom line: I will not buy from Carol’s Daughter again, nor will I recommend their products. The cost is ridiculous for a very mediocre product.