Since my last posts about Chagrin Valley shampoo bars, I have tried a few different products as well.

-Neem and Tea Tree shampoo bar

-Chestnut Henna Shampoo Bar

-Whipped Squalane face mousse (face cream)

I am going to post a mini review for each, quickly listing pros and cons and need to know info.

-Neem and Tea Tree shampoo bar – Used on body and hair. Found it to be very drying on my skin and my hair. Cleaned my skin adequately, nothing special really, did not clean my hair very well. Smelled like tea tree oil. Scent did not last. Probably would not recommend for anyone with dry and/or sensitive skin or hair. Didn’t clean my hair well enough for me to consider it a shampoo.

-Chestnut Henna shampoo bar – smells ok, not great but not bad, did not use on my skin, only on my hair. Stained my tub with dark brown goo that was hard to clean off. Had little to no effect on the color of my hair. Didn’t clean hair very well. Would not recommend. 

-Whipped Squalane facial mousse – deceptively small container (has a false bottom so it almost looks like you are getting double what is actually in the jar), smells very plain which is ok with me. Very rich despite it being whipped. Very oily. I found this to be useful only as an occasional night cream. WAY too oily for day time use, all my makeup would slip right off, no matter how little of the cream I used and how well I rubbed it into my skin. If you put it on at night you will have to wash your face fully in the morning, which is a huge waste of time for me because usually I just wash my face with hot tap water and a wash cloth, no facewash, because in the morning I have no make up and grime to remove seeing as all I did was sleep, on clean pillowcases. I have dry/oily/combination skin, way more on the dry side, and even with dry skin I found this to be way too oily and rich of a cream for anything really.