This is a DIY I recently did, very quick and easy, and attractive and smells good 🙂 what more could you ask for!!

Now I love having a vase of fresh flowers around, anytime, any place! However, this is not always possible, in the months when my garden is not blooming, I sometimes do not feel like I want to spend money to buy flowers which last only about a week or so.

Instead, I found a different way to spruce up my living room! 

What you will need:

-small vase (glass, ceramic, metal, whatever you have, or can find at a thrift store – there’s always tons)

Image Image

-incense (about 10 sticks +/- depending on the size of your vase)

Image Image

-some ribbon or string if you like

Image Image

(ADDITIONAL DIY – betcha didn’t think of doing THAT with all your string/yarn ,did you?? So easy as well, just bore a small hole – I used a large nail and a hammer, placed the lid upside down over a piece of old wood, hammered the nail through, then pulled it out. Made a perfect sized hole. Just be sure to smooth down the edges so it doesn’t tear or fray your string/yarn.)

Here’s how easy it is – place incense into the vase. Tie string or ribbon around the mouth of the vase. And ta-da! You have a lightly scented, attractive looking little decoration for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, rec room, wherever! And it means you always have some incense handy to just grab one out of the vase and light it up! 

*TIP – keep an incense burner near by the vase to have a holder for the lit incense always at hand.