On Wednesday evening, I went to a lady’s home-studio and got my eyebrows threaded. This was my first experience, and I was a little nervous, as I’d only ever had waxing or plucking done to my brows before. I wondered how my extremely sensitive skin wold react, how my pain threshold would be, and how long the appointment would last. Not least of all I also wondered about how the final results would look. I hate looking fake, I just like having the stray hairs around my brows “tidied up” and shaped a little.

When I arrived, my first judgement was the woman who was answering the door – her brows looked really nice. She was a clean cut middle-aged East Indian woman with lovely hair and makeup. She was very friendly and nice, and welcomed me into her home studio right beside her front door. Perfect location! We went over how I wanted my brows to look, and she seemed very competent.

I laid down on the reclined spa chair she had, and she placed a lamp right by my face to light up all the hairs. She took some thread, and dove right in.

My initial reaction was: OUCH! Haha. The little thread grasps and pulls out hairs from the root, similar to waxing, only without having to trust someone to smear hot wax onto your delicate eye-skin and then rip it off. (I have had several awful experiences getting my brows waxed, multiple times at different locations having my skin ripped, having wax dripped into my open eye, having my brows reduced to a thin line of uneven hair, mismatched brows, being outright burned by the wax… Lets just say I am not going down that path ever again.)

So it did hurt a little. It seemed like I was lying there forever! Time seemed to pass slowly with a little small talk, however at the end of the appointment I realized the total time I was there, from arriving, greeting, payment, and the actual threading, was less than 15 minutes.

My eyes watered profusely, makeup was definitely a little worse for the wear after that. Also an interesting thing to note is that you do have to “help” the person who is threading your brows, by tugging the skin around your eyes taut with your own hands. Not that I minded at all, just something different from waxing that I thought I should point out.


This is essentially what it looked like when I got my brows threaded, however that is not a picture of me, it is an image I found on Google Images to show the idea of it.
In the end, I was used to my whole forehead/brows/skin around my eyes being so red and swollen after waxing – again, sensitive skin, curses…- but with the threading I only had slight redness that was easily covered with a little face powder. The lady recommended I put a little ice across my brows but I was not going right home after so I didn’t get a chance to do this. She also recommended not to put any harsh chemicals/cleansers on my face for several hours following the threading. I only use natural products and oils on my face so this wasn’t a problem for me.

Overall, I found this to be a positive experience. My brows after looked absolutely amazing – I told her they looked like Natalie Portman’s eyebrows! And they so did! The pain was a bit more than waxing during the appointment, however I think next time I will take a couple Advil/ibuprofen half an hour or so before my appointment and then it will take the edge off. The lasting pain that I was used to from waxing, having red, sore, swollen skin for hours after the appointment, was totally not there. Slight stinging feeling for about an hour afterwards, but that was nothing compared to after a waxing appointment. I was also assured that, as you come a few more times to get your brows threaded, that you will become more used to the feeling and it will cause you less and less pain/discomfort as time goes on.

Furthermore, threading can be used all over your face, many places offer threading of the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and cheeks, or package deals for a combination or whole face. I am sure this is great for those of us later on in years who may have some extra/unwanted facial hair due to menopause and other hormonal changes or imbalances.

Some people say that threading is unsanitary because a piece of the thread is held in the threader’s mouth. I have to say that the lady who did mine used only her hands, not her mouth, and even if she has put one end of the string into her mouth to grip it like an extra hand, its not like she then rubbed it all over my face or into my eye or mouth or anything!! So I personally would not see a problem with this.

The bottom line: Yes I will get my brows threaded again. Especially for the price- the lady I went to charges $10 for your first appointment, and $5 for following appointments. Compared to about $18 per appointment for brow waxing, SIGN ME UP! ๐Ÿ™‚ Threading all the way. Great results, less pain in the long run, more natural (it’s only a piece of thread, how much more natural can brow shaping be?? ๐Ÿ˜› ), less chance of injury or damage to my skin.

I also like that there is less chance of spreading any skin contaminants/disease through threading because each piece of thread is used on your face and then thrown away. Waxing can have contaminated wax by the esthetician “double dipping” into the wax pot, and many other reasons which I am too lazy to list right now.

So anyways, I really found this to be a great way to manage my brows and they looked really nice afterwards.

Have any of you tried threading vs. waxing? What did you think of it?