Another King Soba noodle review here folks – this one will be short and sweet. I tried the King Soba Thai Rice Noodles last night, in a stir-fry style dish with home made Thai peanut sauce, tons of veggies, and some shrimp. It was beyond delicious. The home made Thai peanut sauce was definitely partially accredited for that.

But this review is for the noodles, so here we go: there are reasonably priced for the organic gluten free variety, between $5-$6 depending where you get them, for 250 grams.

Ingredients: organic 100% white rice flour, water

Cooking: place noodles into a pot of boiling water, boil for 3 mins, rinse well with water.

So these are obviously super easy and quick to make. The texture is great, not grainy and not slimy. The flavor is very bland (they are pretty much just white rice squished into noodle-shapes) so I actually barely noticed them in the Thai dish I made. They added some bulk, made the meal more filling, and had a nice texture and feel, but as far as flavor goes it was very plain.

My best recommendation for these noodles would actually be a cold Thai noodle salad perhaps, or something with a really nice light sauce so that you can still taste a bit of the rice noodle. Perhaps a cilantro lime sauce or similar. I get the feeling lime would go really well with these noodles.

Overall rating out of 5 stars: 3.5

Pros: gluten free, healthy, natural, not slimy, not grainy, good texture, quick & easy to prepare

Cons: fairly bland, slightly on the expensive side for pasta

The bottom line: would I buy these again?

Yes I would, but only if I am going to make a specific dish that calls for white rice noodles, or have a specific purpose for them in mind. They won’t be one that I keep stashed in my cupboard or stock up on, like I will with King Soba’s Buckwheat noodles from one of my previous reviews. They just aren’t flavorful or versatile enough for my taste. However in the realm of gluten free products these are not bad, and as for rice noodles, I have definitely had worse.


Have any of you tried any King Soba noodles, or any other good gluten-free noodles? How do you like to cook with them? What’s your favorite type?