So I have been trying out one of my new Chagrin Valley shampoo bars since Jan 1, 2013, and I wanted to share a small update with those of you who are interested in how I am liking them so far.

The one I am currently using is Babassu Marshmallow (no it doesn’t smell like marshmallows 😦 haha it smells like lemon & ginger which is quite nice and refreshing)

I have definitely noticed a bit of a change in my hair since I started using this shampoo bar. The main thing I wanted to share is that I no longer feel the need to wash my hair every. single. darn. day!!! This is coming from someone who has washed her hair nearly every day for over a decade. I have always been cursed with very oily hair at the roots that made it so I could not go even 1 day without having to cover my greasy roots, put loads of baby powder on – which really didn’t help much in my case but took the shine down a little, or full on shampoo/condition/dry/style my hair EVERY NIGHT. Such a pain in the butt..
These shampoo bars are really gentle also. My hair has been softer right from the first use. It also doesn’t get that “greasy” smell that unwashed hair sometimes accumulates.
Another great thing is that I can wash my body with these shampoo bars no problem, so that makes all the bottles and bars and jugs in my shower seem redundant. How great it is that all I need in the shower now is a shampoo bar, and a bit of conditioner, and a razor, and I am good to go? Do you even realize how much easier packing my bags for trips is going to be?!?! Obviously ther are some other products that I like to use, like my home made body scrub, and some lotion or oil on my body now and then, but overall it makes for a lot less clutter in my shower and bathroom, so much less packaging as well. These shampoo bars come in little brown paper bags, which are recyclable, sent in a small cardboard box for shipping. (also recyclable.) No plastic bottles, ugh.

Some tips/tricks I have discovered in the last few days of using this shampoo bar:

  1. The apple cider vinegar rinse really does help in the first few washes. You hair is adjusting to a different type of cleansing, and getting rid of all the leftover gunk and junk from commercial shampoos which contain chemicals and harsh salts.
  2. It DOES TAKE TIME TO ADJUST! I urge anyone who is considering trying shampoo bars to remember this part especially. It can take people 1-2 weeks, or even up to a month, to get the hang of it and have their hair and scalp adjust to this new cleansing method. IT IS WORTH IT! Just be patient, and in the meantime, wear hates, headbands, scarves, and/or braids if your hair is giving you trouble.
  3. You may still need some conditioner. If needed, use some oil like coconut or jojoba while in the shower on the ends of your hair to make it more manageable.
  4. Over time, you may no longer need conditioner. I do not know this for sure yet but I have heard it from many people who use these shampoo bars.
  5. Lather lather lather, rinse rinse rinse. There are no chemicals in these bars to make them extra creamy, extra lather-y, extra bubbly, etc. I find the best way to use the shampoo bar is to lather it into as much suds as you possibly can on your hands first and then begin to work it into small sections of your hair at a time. I usually do my bangs first, then temples, then crown, then base of my neck. Then I RINSE thoroughly, my whole head, and repeat that same routine once more. You must rinse well and sometimes rinse twice.
  6. It takes practice to find a way to wash your hair with the bar that works for you. Everyone’s hair is different and reacts differently to a product. Again, be patient 🙂
  7. Cut the bar into 3 or 4 smaller pieces and only bring 1 into the shower with you at a time. That way you won’t be losing much of the bar just from the warm water in the shower wearing it away a little each time.
  8. Order samples/try different kinds – they have a HUGE variety, and there really is something for everyone. Their samples are reasonably priced and I estimate them to be at least 2 – 4 weeks worth of shampoo per sample size bar, depending on your hair length, type, and whether you use it on your body as well. (some shampoo bars work great as a bar of soap for your skin just as well as hair) It is worth it to try a few different samples before investing in the bar that you like the best.
  9. Get a couple full sized bars at once to save on shipping. Once you have tried a few samples and feel like you know which ones work best on your hair, order a few bars at once to save yourslef on shipping costs. These bars last a LONG time, so you won’t need to replenish your supplies all that often, but if you’re like me, and really enjoy having a variety to choose from, or have long difficult hair that tends to go through them faster, I’d recommend ordering a 6 month to a year supply at once. (Which in reality is only 3 or 4 bars for most people to last 6 -12 months)
  10. Store them in a cool, dry place. I keep mine in a cupboard in a fairly unused corner of my kitchen, actually, where they are safe from heat and moisture. If they get too warm, they will melt, or become very squishy. If they get damp/wet it will eventually wear them away and dissolve them. I am not talking about a tiny bit of moisture, but constant exposure to the water stream from your shower will wear them away much quicker than having them on a dry shelf.

All in all I am very pleased with the shampoo bar that I am trying out so far, and I am really looking forward to sampling a few other types that I am eagerly waiting to get my hot little hands on!

Have any of you had success with shampoo bars? What types do you like? Any tips you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments section 🙂