New Year’s Resolutions…
I never keep them. In fact I rarely even bother making them, I don’t like the idea that in order to usher in the New Year, one must find fault with themselves and make goals to correct it. That doesn’t seem like a very fun or positive way to start a new year. However, for some time I have been making small goals for myself, trying to steer my life in a different, better direction. I have been aiming towards being more self sufficient, being less of a consumer, not paying others to do or make things that I can accomplish on my own. The basis of this is not finding fault with myself, but it is about bettering myself. Therefore I really only loosely use the term “new Year’s Resolutions” because really, these are just 2 projects that I plan to tackle in January. And I will have more projects to tackle come February. And then March. April. May. You get the idea.

So: January. Knitting and herb gardens. Apparently I am 80.
Let me start the knitting portion by saying that I do not know how to knit. I knit a small square once with my dad’s step-mom, Gramma Val, when I was about 8. I don’t think I even finished it. 8 year old me was not that interested in knitting, and Gramma Val was short on the patience levels after I “gave up” about 3 times. But knitting is growing in popularity these days. You can knit or crochet some pretty cool and useful stuff. And I really want a snood. A big, comfy, snuggly snood made of fabric that doesn’t irritate my skin, make it itchy and red, or bother it. You see I could buy a snood, they are sold in lots of stores, anywhere that sells a scarf pretty much. Most of them are super lame! They are usually acrylic… ugh. They are usually cheaply made, itchy, and just not worth buying. I have very sensitive skin. Acrylic and sheep’s wool are the devil to me. Oh I realize some of you may not know what a snood is – check out this photo :
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They are basically both a scarf and a hood (snood, get it?) I have also heard them referred to as cowls. So anyways after extensive research I have selected a pattern, list of supplies, and a list of yarns made out of fibers that will not irritate my baby skin.
Apparently I will need to purchase about 300g of chunky yarn, a set of 10mm circular knitting needles, and a darning needle to sew up the loose ends. Seems simple enough. The types of yarn I am looking at, for soft-ness, natural fibers, warmth, and ease of use, are bamboo, silk, alpaca, cotton, and hemp, or any blend of these. Because this pattern calls for chunky yarn, I am leaning more towards alpaca or an alpaca blend. I am so lucky because where I live, within about a 20 minute drive there are 2 knitting stores and an entire Alpaca Ranch complete with a farm store which sells their yarn. I am really excited about taking on this project! I am planning to use YouTube videos and my sister-in-law to teach me how to get started knitting. Some other projects in the knitting-genre that I would like to take on after I become more skilled are definitely an afghan, or several, I love blankets and especially heavy, soft ones. Made of natural NOT ACRYLIC yarns. My boyfriend has requested a brown Alpaca toque so that will be on my list also. And my younger (16 year old) sister-in-law also wants a snood. Plus I’d like to get into maybe even knitting my own dishlcoths/tea towels and making myself some ultra-soft hemp face cloths because I use them every day. Those are my beginner projects. Once I get better at it – who knows.

Now on to the herb garden.
I plan to make my own little indoor herb garden out of an old wine box or an old dresser drawer or something. And also a few ceramic pots. I already have my beloved aloe vera cactus, it is about 9 inches high now and the branches reach about 18 inches out for the longest ones. My wishlist of herbs that I’d like to grow include echinacea, ginger, peppermint, garlic (I actually already planted several pieces of garlic in my front yard that had started sprouting on my kitchen counter, and they are doing really well so far.. haha!), sage, cayenne pepper, holy basil, cilantro, stevia, passion flower, thyme, chia (the seeds are amazing), Italian parsley, and marshmallow root. I don’t know if I will have all of these going in my one little planter box, but I am going to start out with 4 or 5 and see how it goes. I don’t really have a green thumb, but I do have the internet! With that I can search how to grow and nurture these little plants so that I can have yummy fresh herbs for cooking, healthy fresh herbs for my DIY’s and home made skin care/hair care/cosmetic products, and hopefully save some money in the long run not having to buy all of these things and throw away half when I can’t use it all up in time. I plan to use soil that I will be harvesting from my giant black compost bin in my backyard. I am going to post a full DIY tutorial while I am making this little planter, so any of you can follow along and join in if you like! I have chose all of these plants and herbs for specific reasons, some of them have healing properties, some of them have cooking purposes, some will be used in home remedies and concoctions, and some will be used in all of these things! I am really excited to start both of these projects. I think that January will be a productive month for me.
Let me know in the comments if you have even knit a snood! Was it hard?
Also do any of you grow little planters indoors? Leave me any tips or tricks you know of!
Thanks everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!