LImageLet me start by saving it: I LOVE BEESWAX !

The smell, the texture, the color – it is so amazing. I am fortunate enough where I live in the Cowichan Valley to have a few small organic bee farmers nearby who can supply me with not only a pound of two of beeswax but also some raw honey of which I am almost equally enamored. But more on that later.

This is my very first post, and one of my favorite (and easiest) DIY tutorials.

DIY Beeswax & Essential Oil candles.

First, you will need:

  • Some small containers to hold you candles, some of my favorites are mini-flower pots, vintage china tea cups, small assorted jars, etc. Get CREATIVE! Go to an antique store, second-hand store, or gardening store and just look around with an open mind to find cute candle containers!
  • Beeswax, (preferably organic and local!) cut into small pieces (quantity depends on how many candles you would like to make, and what size. To “eyeball” how much you will need, I recommend taking the chopped pieces and filling whatever containers you will be using to pour the candles in to. After filling the container, add a few tablespoons extra to account for the “gaps” between the chopped pieces.)
  • Candle wicks with metal bases (can get at any craft store usually, and/or online) *note – make sure the wicks are long enough for your containers, when in doubt err on the “long” side because you can always trim them!
  • Essential Oils of your choosing. Some of my favorites are: 1. citrus oils – lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit – very uplifting and clean scent; ylang ylang – flowery, light scent – very mild, and also has anti-depressant properties – works great with lemon oil and/or vanilla; and of course, a staple, lavender oil. (I actually don’t care much for the scent of lavender but often these candles are a gift for others and it is a VERY popular essential oil, and inexpensive as are the rest listed)
  • small amount of natural colorant (optional) – for example – beet root – red, blackberry – blue to purple.



  1. First, gather your supplies: double boiler, mixing spoon, candle containers, wax, oils, and wicks.
  2. Place wicks in all the candle holders. Secure bases with a dab of melted wax if need be.
  3. Melt Beeswax in a double boiler on low-medium heat until it is in a liquid state. (If you’d like to make a few different scented batches, use only the portion of the beeswax you want for that particular scent)
  4. Add essential oil(s) – start with a few drops, mix it in (I prefer to use a bamboo mixing spoon specially reserved for beeswax-related-crafts) and then smell the mixture. Add more oil a few drops at a time until it is as strong as you would like. Feel free to mix and match any oils that you have to make a yummy-smelling combination. One of my favorites is about 70% lemon oil and 30% ylang ylang.
  5. Optional: after oil(s) are mixed in, remove from heat, add colorant, and mix quickly.
  6. Pour the wax and oil mixture into the containers right away while it is still warm and liquid.
  7. Let sit until completely hardened, usually overnight, and voila! You have just made extremely simple, healthy, natural candles, for a very reasonable (low) cost! Now feel free to decorate your candles by tying some string or gluing some fabric to the outside of the container, painting it, attaching some sea shells (use Epoxy glue) or whatever else tickles your fancy. These are great gifts, especially for mother’s day, Christmas stocking stuffers, or an amazing addition to a gift basket. Or even just on their own!

Hope you like it! These are definitely a staple for me, and really, almost everyone either enjoys candles or has a loved one who does!

Have you tried this recipe? What are some scents you have created that went well? Or badly? Please share in the comments 🙂 I’d love to hear about it!