Shampoo Bar #1: Olive Oil Babassu.


Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic olive, organic babassu, organic virgin shea butter, organic castor bean; water. (Note: this bar is certified Organic and Vegan)
5.8 oz bar $7.45 / 1 oz sample bar $2.60


Shampoo Bar #2: Babassu Marshmallow


Ingredients: Saponified oils of babassu, grapeseed, coconut, avocado, castor bean, jojoba, mango butter, walnut, shea butter, rice bran; organic marsh mallow root tea; aloe; essential oils of ylang ylang, lemon, ginger; rosemary oil extract. (Note: this bar is certified vegan)
7 oz. bar $7.45 / 1.5 oz sample bar $2.50


I have been reading up on shampoo bars because I am a sufferer of terrible hair. Dry, over-processed, thin, frizzy, very oily roots and very dry ends, un-manageable to the point where I am seriously considering cutting it all off and starting over. It has been colored with at-home kits several times, including bleaching it in the summer of 2012 to white blonde. (THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE Y’ALL!!! But I digress…) So in my travels across the vast landscapes of the internet, I noticed a recurring theme of these Chagrin Valley bars being somewhat of a cult favorite. In an impulse after reading several good reviews, I quickly ordered 2 of the 4 shampoo bars I am most interested in trying. (The other 2 are “Henna Chestnut Shampoo Bar” and the “Neem & Tea Tree Hair and Body Shampoo Bar”, although I must note, their website states that all of these bars can be used on hair, face, and body because they are so gentle and natural. LOVE IT! So as soon as I get around to it, I will be purchasing and reviewing those bars also. And the “Whipped Squalane Face and Eye Cream”. PS : Squalane is a fancy-pants word for olive oil.) I have tried a couple of shampoo bars in the past, from Lush, I cannot really remember which ones unfortunately, and with those I did not find I had much success. I found my to be still greasy, and dried out. However this may very well be to user error – not picking the correct bar for my scalp and hair type, not lathering/using it correctly, not rinsing properly, and not giving my body enough time to adjust are all factors that could have affected these results. Also, the Chagrin Valley website recommends an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (also referred to as ACV rinse) to compliment most of their shampoo bars. Especially for folks with “Hard Water” which I definitely have due to living in a rural area and having well-water.
I recently purchased some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from one of my favorite stores in Duncan – The Community Farm Store inside the Duncan Garage. Cannot say enough good about that place. Their website is here: and is amazingly educational in their articles and newsletters.
I have placed this bottle in my shower in eager anticipation, as well as a medium sized glass jar – an old pasta sauce jar in fact – in which to dilute the vinegar with warm water. (1/4 part vinegar to 3/4 part warm water).

So I am very excited about this review – I am presently waiting for my order to arrive in the mail. The order is coming from the grand old United States of Amerrrca. Chagrin Valley is in Ohio, FYI. For those of you who were interested, the shipping was about $14 for these 2 shampoo bars to come to my little house in Canada.

Their website is here: and has tons of natural, organic, and vegan goodies for the hair, face, body, baby, and pets.

As soon as they arrive, I will test each one for a month, and update this post with my findings. Please note this review is not sponsored or endorsed by Chagrin Valley, or by anyone really. I am just excited to try a new product and share it with you all 😉

Please feel free to let me know in the comments if you have tried any of their products and how you liked them. Did they work well for you? What products would you like to see reviewed?

Namaste ❤

*images are from the Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve website*