This is somewhat of a review for a type of pasta I recently tried. The brand is “King Soba” and the product is “100% organic Buckwheat Noodles”.
Please note: even thought “Buckwheat” has the word “wheat” in it, it is actually completely wheat/gluten free. Buckwheat is a member of the same food-family as rhubarb!
More about the brand: , they are certified organic and fair trade. Good Karma, people.

Let me start out by saying that my boyfriend and I have been making the move to healthier, cleaner living, and also by personal choice cutting down on wheat/gluten, over-processed dairy, and processed foods of all kinds. One of our favorite meals is pasta, and especially for me, spaghetti! So we have been on a search to find a good alternative, and I think I may have just found a new favorite!!!

To start out with, these noodles are a dark grey-ish brown in color, and have little smell when removed from the package. They come in dried form. The ingredients list is only 2 things: organic buckwheat, and water. ***I LOVE THINGS WITH SHORT, PRONOUNCE-ABLE INGREDIENTS LISTS!!!***
When I picked up these noodles from my local Community Farm Store, , one of the sales associated there made sure to mention to me that the non-wheat variety of noodles all need to be rinsed thoroughly and NOT overcooked. (7 mins MAX, I cooked mine for only 6 minutes and they were PERFECT)

To cook – pretty basic, just boil a pot of water, place noodles in, and boil for 6 minutes, then remove, strain, and rinse well. I found I also needed to stir them a lot because they had a tendency to stick to the bottom of the pot.
Servings: In one 250g package, I would say it feeds 2-4 people depending on appetite. My boyfriend and I ate an entire package just for one dinner, however we are BIG eaters and did not have any side dishes with this particular meal.
Once prepared, these noodles had a very slight, nutty, earthy aroma. The taste was mild, and actually I found them quite delicious, in my opinion, much better than white or brown rice noodles. They were more slippery than wheat noodles, and in the future I will be adding a splash of Extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil to the pot to keep them from sticking together/sticking to the pot too much. I rinsed them well and served them with a home made tomato sauce and fried venison sausage, with Vancouver Island Salt Co. coarse sea salt in smoked cherry. And by “smoked cherry” I do not mean the salt tasted like cherries, it was smoked using cherry wood to give it a delicious smokey flavor. Their website is here , their salts are natural sea salt, high quality, hand made, and harvested right near by house, in Cherry Point, Cobble Hill. Love it. So tasty. Bonus: full of minerals. I can’t WAIT to try this salt in more recipes, and load up on other types. Yeah… I love sea salt.Image

But back to the noodles – these I would actually give a 5 star rating honestly. They  were not too expensive (a problem with a lot of gluten-free items), delicious (another problem, haha), and mildly flavored so they would be easily adapted to many recipes. My boyfriend and I both agreed that a better use for them than spaghetti would be asian dishes – something with a sesame oil and vinegar based sauce would be just great with these noodles. Perhaps a cold Thai Noodle Salad, or a sweet & sour stir fry … mmmmm …

Overall rating:

Pros: Tasty, easy to prepare, versatile, reasonable price, accessible
Cons: could be a little cheaper, sticky when cooking

Rating out of 5 stars: 5